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Welcome to Watershed Management Directorate Watershed Management Directorate
Uttarakhand State is well endowed with Forest and Water resources. More than 12,000 glaciers and 8 major river catchments act as the lifeline for the entire hydrological system of Indo-Gangetic plain.The Himalayan Watersheds are under constant threat of mass wasting and erosion caused by depletion of forest cover, unscientific agronomic practices, hydrologic imbalances and natural calamities. The ever increasing population, the need to provide a better quality of life to the people and the pressure on natural resources are further compounding the problem.

Our Vision

To improve the productive potential of natural resources and increase incomes of rural inhabitants in degraded watersheds of the state through socially inclusive, institutionally and environmentally sustainable approaches.

Mission Statement

Holistic development of the degraded and rainfed areas of the state through integrated management of natural resources on participatory basis to achieve ecological balanced, income enhancement through increased livelihood opportunities, poverty alleviation welfare of vulnerable groups including women and landless, equity in benefit sharing and institutional strengthening through capacity building.